Gary the Gadget Guy

Character: Gary the Gadget Guy

Recently, we moved from main characters onto characters that everyone who plays Club Penguin would know, like Rockhopper. Our next famous penguin that I believe is to give you an idea on is that famous inventor and EPF agent, Gary the Gadget Guy!

Here we go with appearance, description, development, and place in the Club Penguin TV Show.

Here’s the appearance.

Gary the Gadget Guy

Gary the Gadget Guy

Here’s Gary’s description:

Gary is the inventor around Club Penguin. His inventions are used all around Club Penguin, for the better or for the worst. Gary will work hard at what he does. His favorite test subject? Garfield. Because he is so brilliant, he passes easily as the tech leader in the PSA and the EPF. Besides all of these, Gary also has a son named Harry the Gadget Guy, who is just about as smart as his father.

Gary, like Rockhopper, has been stagnant in his personality simply because of him being a famous penguin whose character is made by Club Penguin. I did add in something, though. Well, check that, Wild Blue and Puka Pug made it. Say ‘hello’ to Harry the Gadget Guy, the son of Gary the Gadget Guy! More on him later in our character descriptions…

Anyway, Gary has flip flopped on my developments of him. Every so often, and especially my early development of Gary, I thought it would be funny if Gary was slightly prideful in himself and tend to downplay on the intelligence of others. Does that sound like Gary, though? Does that even seem funny? No, it doesn’t. Now I will not use that part of his character. If he does have a sense of pride in himself, Gary has not revealed that to me in my subconscious part of mind.

By the way, my subconscience controls most of my script writing, for the better or worse.

Gary has also changed in how important to the Club Penguin story. At first, I believed that Gary would just be G, since he would appear only in secret agent episodes. This changed dramatically by about the third year that I developed all of Club Penguin, with the increase in Gary’s appearances in Club Penguin. Now he’s in a pretty sum of episodes in my mind.

So Gary the Gadget Guy plays as one of our famous penguins in Club Penguin. He’ll stick mainly to his role as inventor of Club Penguin, but also will be part of certain other episodes from a nondescript organization that he is part of… You all know that. He’s G of the PSA/EPF. But he’ll not just be that either. I want to tell you all, but I shouldn’t. Ruin a big surprise that I have awaiting.

Catch you on the fish side!



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